We care

In all Oryx projects, we take the utmost care for people and the environment in which they reside, work, and live. We aim to create high-quality and sustainable living comfort while preserving green spaces and respecting the history of existing buildings. In doing so, we breathe new life into old city neighborhoods, across generations. Discover our caring approach here.


Brownfield Development

Many cities still carry the legacy of an industrial past. At Oryx, we focus on revitalizing and transforming these sites into new, vibrant urban neighborhoods. As part of Square Group, we already have the expertise to address polluted industrial brownfields and shape them sustainably.

Tondelier as pioneer

In our Projects

In our new projects, we are committed to achieving nearly zero-energy homes (NZEB). Thanks to thorough insulation, future residents will save significantly on energy, and with well-thought-out ventilation and sun shading, they can enjoy comfortable living conditions in all seasons. In addition, a connection to the district heating network has been provided to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease CO2 emissions. It's a win for the environment! These measures help keep energy costs under control, benefiting the residents.

We are committed to closely monitoring the sustainability gauge developed for major urban projects like Tondelier. This tool makes sustainable efforts measurable for all stakeholders involved in a development.

Not only do we build sustainable homes at Tondelier, but we also integrate them into one of Ghent's largest green areas. This car-free environment, designed for optimal use of public space in a mix of residential, commercial, and social destinations, makes it a unique project in Europe.

Innovation and sustainability, Hand in hand

In our materials

Drawing upon the knowledge accumulated within the group, we incorporate innovative technologies and sustainable materials into our projects. For example, at Tondelier, we used Zerocem, a concrete made from 100% recycled products. Zerocem is, both literally and figuratively, the foundation of our sustainability ambitions.

Integrated Ghent History

In our renovations

For Oryx, sustainable development goes beyond launching energy-efficient new construction projects. Since Oryx focuses on the redevelopment of existing sites, we always consider how to integrate their history respectfully into our projects. This way, our projects maintain their historical identity. At the Leiekouter project, historic homes behind the facades of the former Hotel Le Grand on Nederkouter were restored. These luxurious homes now serve as the centerpiece of a fantastic new construction project, where we still bask in the splendor of Ghent's past.