About us

Oryx Projects is a Belgian property developer specializing in the (re)development of complex yet strategically located sites in urban areas.

Continuously Evolving

The name 'Oryx' (Greek for 'digging') is derived from an elegant, powerful, and intelligent African antelope species that manages to survive the extreme conditions of the desert with tremendous adaptability. It serves as a metaphor for the ever-changing world of property development, our habitat.

Part of Square Group

Oryx Projects was established within Square Group, a growing construction group with a passion for urban development, industrial site revaluation, and high-quality real estate. The accumulated knowledge within the group in terms of soil remediation, sustainable building materials, and the management of complex infrastructure projects provided the ideal foundation for the forward-looking property development we stand for today.

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Real Estate Projects

Our Mission and Vission

Oryx Projects expertly and efficiently develops real estate projects in urban prime locations that add value to users and their surroundings.

We strongly believe in the future and urbanization with a growing demand for high-quality and sustainable housing. Therefore, we consciously select strategically located projects within the city. Often, these involve repurposing older residential and industrial sites.

Our projects are designed to be sustainable and future-oriented. Through our efficient and customer-centric approach, we ensure that this does not compromise affordability, quality, or comfort.

Our History

Since our establishment in 2014, we have built a strong reputation in the (re)development of sites within an urban context.

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We care

As part of Square Group, we take care of our people and the environment in which we operate. In our pursuit of quality and sustainability, we always go the extra mile. Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves as a responsible construction partner through a circular group model. This is how we truly succeed in achieving sustainable value creation.

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Working at Oryx Projects

Working at Oryx Projects Jobs Working at Oryx Projects Passionate about project development with added value? So are we! At Oryx Projects, you'll find a young and dynamic team of specialists with a passion for sustainable urban development. Curious about what we have to offer you?

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